Is Pure Leverage a scam ?

This is my unbiased review of Pure Leverage. In this review, I will be giving you the utmost details on Pure Leverage and will try to keep it as unbiased as possible. Please know that I have chosen not to go forward with the memberships offered from this program and I will also outline why.

I will be honest in this review and will cover both sides, Pro’s and Con’s, of this program so you are able to know whether this program is for you or not.

Right off the bat, I would like to say that I do not recommend Pure Leverage, and you will find out in this review. But, if you would like to save some time and go straight to MY #1 RECOMMENDATION, then feel free to do so.

What is Pure Leverage about?

Pure Leverage is a MLM program, that claims to have good concepts and tools that can be used by the novice or expert, to promote their online business and bring success. It was founded by Joel Therien in 2013 and has ever since being part of the GVO (Global Venture Opportunities). GVO was founded in 1999 and provides hosting and autoresponder services to marketers.

Though the concepts and tools are OK for this industry, there are many concerns and question marks on whether this program takes ‘ethical practices’ into consideration. Before I go into the details on the concerns that I have within this program, let me outline the Pro’s and Con’s that I found.

Pro’s of Pure Leverage

  • A-z guide.
  • $1 trial is available – upto 10 days.
  • Starts at lower monthly payments, compared to similar programs.

Con’s of Pure Leverage

  • Pure Leverage claims to give 100% commissions. If you read in deeper, they mention that it’s only for the first month’s sales.
  • Many portions of the program are listed but not available yet.
  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Prepare to be pestered by emails to upgrade to the next membership level.
  • Lots of upsells.
  • Expensive to unlock full income potential.
  • Generic blog / website, which is very bad for SEO, which affects traffic and as a result, income.
  • Unreliable customer service (as per comments seen on other reviews)
  • There were also concerns expressed for aggressivity by other members if someone questioned the system.

Pure Leverage – Broken Down

The different membership levels, what they each provide and the different upsells that are included, can be very confusing. That’s why I will be breaking them down into smaller parts, in the hopes that you will be able to better understand its structure. You will understand very soon though, that most of the tools designed are to promote the actual program, not your specific chosen niche.

Although this program claims to be of use for just anybody, this is just not the case. The programs are designed in such a way that only experienced marketers will be able to understand, and that too, the tools are mainly not useful. You are assured at first that those tools will be of great help to your business but a good marketer will see that the only real opportunity to make some money here, is actually selling the program itself, though that has proven not to be easy (as you will see below, a real comment made by a member).

Comment for no money made

Before going into the re-seller program, let me walk you through the different memberships.

The different memberships available are the Basic and the VIP levels.


For the Basic level, you are able to gain access to it by paying $1, on a trial basis. The trial can last up to 10 days, then recurring every month, you will be charged $24.95. With that, you get access to the following;

  • Blog System –  Yes you do get a blog but here’s a deal-breaker; you get a generic one. Every single person who signs up with Pure Leverage, gets the exact same one. There is barely any room for customization AND the niche is already pre-selected for you. You guessed correctly; the blog is a tool for you to use to promote Pure Leverage itself. If you were thinking of creating a website in a niche of your choice, Pure Leverage is not for you. On top of that, having a blog where content and others are pretty much the same, is bad for SEO. You won’t get ranked.
  • Autoresponder – This is a service that is provided for all those who provide you with their email address on the capture page of your blog. The autoresponder is there to send automatic emails to all of your subscribers. These emails are also pre-written and very generic. It is again, solely for the promotion of Pure leverage.
  • Video Email Service – This is where you are able to record a video, in order to be able to send it in emails to your subscribers. This allows for them to view the video in their email, without being redirected to, say, Youtube. The videos are, as you guessed again, for the promotion of Pure Leverage. It is to allow you to recruit so you can have as many downlines as possible.
  • Conference Platform – There are a lot of services provided by this feature but none that can really compare to even those that you can access for free on the internet. Google Hangouts, for exmaple, has everything you need (and more) and you can access it for free if you sign up for it through your Google account. This is a tool that is yet again, used to stay in touch with downlines or clients of the Pure Leverage products. It is mostly used for recruiting.


Then comes the VIP level, which is also known as the Inner Circle. This is where Joel himself coaches you on various topics. This one has no trial and you’re required to pay $97 / month EXTRA (meaning on top of the $24.95). With this upgrade, you are able to gain access to the Elite Coaching Program, in addition to everything offered by the Basic level.

With the Elite Coaching Program, you get training on ‘attraction marketing’ geared towards the promotion of Pure Leverage. Therefore, there is really no room available within this program to really apply the concepts to a preferred niche website. He will teach you, not how to promote the services or products that they have to offer, but to recruit others under you.

Now, you can start selling the ‘dream’ to others. Here is how the commission structure works.

Commission structure

So, to explain this more clearly, within your first month, whether you make the sales or your recruits make the sale, they compensate you with 100% commission. Afterwards, each sale you make or any of your recruits makes, will earn you 50% commission each.

When people join, they need to pay, remember? The monthly fee of $24.95 for Basic and the $97 for VIP? That’s from what you get the commissions. Therefore, as you can see, it’s almost like a pyramid scheme where the only way to really make money, is by recruiting and making other people pay when they join. The tools are just not enough to be of any use for the majority of people.

To top it all off, there is an upsell. Without this upsell, it does not matter how many sales you make or how many people you recruit, you will never get a dime. You will never get paid. And this upsell is called – The RESELLER FEE –  at $19.95 / month EXTRA.

shocked catRemember how I mentioned in the Con’s of this program that it could get expensive? Here it is! Everything combined, that’s a total of $142 / month!!! That’s over $1700 a year!!! And they tell you that you better upgrade; as the more money you spend, the more money you will make.

FINAL VERDICT – Is Pure Leverage a Scam?

It is not a scam. Though it is a MLM, there are products, concepts and tools available. However, I don’t feel comfortable at all recommending this program, due to the fact that you have to pay for so many things when they can be obtained for free elsewhere. I also don’t agree with the upgrades and upsells and how they are structured. I don’t agree with the program in general, because the tools can only be used to promote Pure Leverage itself and have little to no use if used outside of the system.

The $24.95 / month is just to lure you into thinking that this is all you gotta pay. I believe that if you pay for something, you need to get the whole thing! When you buy a car, you agree to pay one price alone. Are you ever asked to pay separately for the engines? For the wheels? No! That’s because these things are essential for the running of the vehicle. Just like that, I believe that with one price alone, you should be able to get all the essentials for your online business.


Of course!!! If you want the real deal to teach you the know-how’s of the online world, then Read My #1 Recommendation Review. You’ll be exposed to the most recommended program that is currently dominating this industry. You’ll be taken by the hand and guided step-by-step. Whether you’re a beginner or have been doing this for years, you’ll have a whole community and the co-founders of the program help you if you get stuck. Not just a support desk.

You want to be able to communicate with everybody equally. You should be able to question something if you don’y fully agree or understand it. You have the right to get an answer of what the explanations are behind. You don’t deserve aggressivity or people calling you names.

If you agree with me, CLICK HERE to sign up with WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Join me and become financially free! As soon as you sign up, I will be there to help you every step of the way!

If you want to share anything or have your own thoughts and experience with either Wealthy Affiliate or Pure Leverage, please feel free to comment below.


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